Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez Reveal Secrets Of 'Machete' Nude Scenes

Stars of Robert Rodriguez's new flick discuss their bodies — real or created?

Robert Rodriguez's fake-trailer-inspired Mexploitation flick "Machete" has a lot going for it. Not only is it an action-packed, bloody romp, but it features kick-ass weapon-wielding stylings from leading ladies who also flash a bit of skin.

Thanks to Rodriguez's earlier explanation regarding his tricks to effective — not offensive — onscreen nudity, we know that not everyone is as naked as they seem. However, when we caught up with the film's ladies in question, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez, it became apparent that there are a few more nude-themed questions to be answered. Namely, who was in charge of Michelle's rockin' bod, and which guy creates the post-production nipples?

"I want to know: Who sculpted that body?" Alba asked Rodriguez as they gazed at a "Machete" poster featuring the very toned leather-clad actress. "Because the whole time I'm watching you, I'm drooling. 'She doesn't have any cellulite, not an ounce of fat! What is going on?'"

Rodriguez responded with a hearty laugh. "That was [from] 'Battle: Los Angeles,'" she explained. "I was in boot camp before that. I had three weeks of intensive Marine warfare training."

"You looked insane," Alba said.

We then reminded Alba that it's obvious from her shower scene in the film that she's in equally good shape. "Oh no, no, no," she insisted. "I had undies on, and I had other stuff on, and they just sort of etched it out in post [production]. That's not really me. I'm better covered up."

"I want to meet these guys who work in special effects and they are basically in charge of adding nipples," Rodriguez added.

"No, no — there were no nipples, though!" Alba responded regarding her apparently post-production-enhanced shower.

"There weren't?" Rodriguez asked, looking genuinely surprised. "I tried not to look because I thought that was a private moment that I shouldn't be watching."

"No, there was no nipple!" Alba insisted. "No, no, no, no nipple."

"Well, I want to meet these [special-effects] guys though because they basically create what's not there," Rodriguez continued. "It's pretty bugged out."

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