B.o.B Teams Up With Rivers Cuomo For 'Magic' Video

Weezer frontman and B.o.B entertain a house party in clip, premiering Thursday at midnight on MTV.com.

Rather famously, despite having one of the biggest songs of the summer, B.o.B and Paramore's Hayley Williams have never actually met. They've never even been in the same room, for that matter, even though they both appear in the video for their massive hit, "Airplanes."

So, when it came time for B.o.B to shoot the video for his next single, "Magic," he decided to pull a complete 180. This time he actually had the song's co-star, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, present when he filmed the clip.

"Rivers will be there. Rivers, you better be there, man," B.o.B told MTV News last month at Lollapalooza. "We're going to be there at the same time, so it'll be different for me"

And, lo and behold, the "Magic" video — which premieres Thursday night at midnight on MTV.com — actually does feature both B.o.B and Cuomo, as the duo take the stage and rock a particularly raucous house party. In a way, the scene is fitting: After all, the first time the rapper actually met Cuomo, it was onstage, seconds before they performed the song live. Which, thanks to all his success (and an increasingly hectic schedule) is sort of the way B.o.B is meeting everybody these days.

"The first time I met Rivers was onstage, in L.A., at the House of Blues, and we did 'Magic' for the first time. He walked onstage and that was my first time meeting him, like 'Hey, Rivers Cuomo!' " he laughed. "So, it's so hectic, so busy there's a lot of artists you never see until you actually are backstage, or in a dressing room, you know?"