Justin Bieber Is 'A Two Face,' Says Chelsea Handler

Host of the 2010 VMAs is jealous of Bieb's flirtation with Kim Kardashian.

Though 2010 MTV Video Music Awards host Chelsea Handler likes to joke that she will have no idea who anybody is when she plays the ringmaster of the biggest party of the year on September 12, she has quite a history with a handful of the artists who will be sharing the stage with her. She says most of the hip-hop stars on the show have "slapped her ass," and one of her more notable guests on her E! talk show "Chelsea Lately" has been none other than Justin Bieber.

The last time Bieber appeared on the show, the 16-year-old joked that the two of them should get together. "You know, last time I was serious about that date too and it never happened," he told the host, referencing his first appearance on the show a few months prior.

But if Handler was seduced before, she has certainly changed her tune now. "He's a two face is what he is," Handler joked to MTV News' Jim Cantiello during a conversation backstage at Handler's show this week. "He acted like we were in a committed relationship, and then he was prancing around with Kim Kardashian on the beaches like they're a couple."

Handler resolved to no longer be seduced by the Canadian pop sensation's charms. "He's using the flirty card with everybody he meets, and I'm not gonna fall for that," she said. "I'm 35 years old. I only have about five good years left in me, and I'm not going to waste my time on that guy."

The love triangle could come to a head at the VMAs, as Kardashian recently tweeted that she will be appearing on the show. Still, Bieber has been one of Handler's most reliable foils on her show, so the combination of the two at the VMAs should make for some interesting television.

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Fans can go to VMA.MTV.com (or text VMA to 97979 for Verizon subscribers) to vote for Best New Artist from now through September 12.