50 Cent Gives Up Twitter To Work On Album

MC says he won't tweet until September 6 to work on The Return of the Heartless Monster.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent's[/artist] Twitter followers are going to have to find other ways to amuse themselves this weekend. The MC says he's giving up tweeting to pen his next effort, The Return of the Heartless Monster.

"Ok ladies and [gentlemen] I'm writing my new album. I will not be on twitter again till Sept 6," Fif wrote Wednesday (September 1). "This album will be a classic," added the MC, who announced the album title on Twitter.

50 has been putting in work on his new material. Swizz Beatz recently told MTV News that he has been in the studio with the G-Unit boss, after 50 reportedly shelved much of the dance-music-friendly sound he originally envisioned for his upcoming music.

While the arrival of Kanye West and his multifaceted musings on the micro-blogging website has sparked major fanfare from fans and the media, 50's missives have ramped up in both frequency and ridiculousness over the past few weeks. Some days, Fif has been introspective and candid, sharing the inner-workings of his subconscious with followers.

"Just woke up I had a dream I put stars On my head like baby [of Cash Money]. then I was at church they told me take my hat off I said I just wanta pray lol," 50 typed Sunday. "That'$ crazy why wa$ baby on my mind. oh I wa$ looking at old xxl magazine$ la$t night. anyway$hout out to baby I know that [hurt]."

Other times, the Queens MC has added his voice to the public discourse about the state of the economy, and even doled out advice to our increasingly embattled president.

"Obamas ratings are down cause he didn't include pimpin and hoein in stimulus package. Good hoes would boost male moral and fix the recession," 50 asserted Saturday. The "Baby by Me" rapper later added, "Sh-- I should run america. first thing I'd do is cut my taxes then tell yal chill the f--- out ima get to the rest of the problems. You know me and george bush was born on the same day july6. Speaking of birthdays everybody on twitter should send me just 1 dollar cool?"

The Before I Self Destruct rapper has even mused about his tough childhood. "My aunt sylvia didnt like me growin up cause she was the baby till I came," 50 also wrote Saturday. "We had roaches so she put roach spray in a bowl and kill my dog."

Of course, it wouldn't be 50's Twitter page if he didn't take a swipe at the competition. "I just looked at kanye page what the f--- kind a spaced out tweets are those," the MC typed earlier in the day. "F--- that I aint never looking at that sh-- again."

Although 50 has built an empire on his super-tough persona, the MC has conceded that his words may be a wee bit harsh for his Twitter fans. "Look man I'm sorry I've been cursing," 50 said. "But f--- that sh-- I gotta express myself, bitch."

Will you miss 50 on Twitter? What are you looking forward to on his next album? Chat in the comments below!