DJ Khaled Says An Eminem Collabo Would 'Rip The Streets Apart'

'Let's make history,' the Miami super-DJ reaches out to Slim Shady for We the Best Forever. 'I got the beat right now.'

[artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist] is in the production stage of his upcoming LP, We the Best Forever. He has beats cooking every night in the We the Best studio in Miami. But while most of the people he wants on this project already have solid relationships with the mogul DJ, there is one MC he's never met — nor done a song with — and he needs him to be a part of the movement.

"The list goes on and on," Khaled said after rattling off some of the names of his past collaborators, including Kanye West, Jay-Z, the Birdman, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Akon. "This album I'm working with them boys again. It's gonna get bigger and bigger. The collaboration I want to make happen and the people want to make happen is a DJ Khaled/ Eminem collaboration. I know if I get with Eminem and put him on one of my anthems ... 'cause I make these anthems. I got something so special in my drive that for Eminem on there."

He added that if Em doesn't want to team up off the strength of Khaled's track record alone, then he should do it for hip-hop.

"We're doing it for hip-hop. We doing this for hip-hop," Khaled told MTV News emphatically. 'I'm a big fan of his. I don't have a way to contact him. I don't know how I can sit down and play him some music; whatever I gotta do. Eminem, I got love. I wanna make this crazy record with you. Let's make history. Let's rip the streets apart. I got the idea already [that] I wanna do with Slim Shady. I got the beat right now, so crazy, the concept. It's something the people are gonna love too. If I get Slim Shady on this joint, I'mma tear up the streets.

"The album is called We The Best Forever. There's only certain people who could be on this album," he said. "It's time, I think I deserve it. The streets deserve it. When [Eminem] meets me personally, he's gonna see this energy. He's gonna understand why these anthems come out like that. I'm gonna sit with him, and we gonna vibe. I know what he's gonna do: He's gonna go crazy!"

Khaled recently signed a recording deal with his good friends Birdman and Slim, the CEOs of Cash Money Records.

"I'm so excited about life, making music, excited to put my album out on Cash Money. I've always been excited to make music and make these hits. This album is coming out crazy already and I'm excited. All my albums, me personally, I feel they're super-big and classic. Every year I have one big record that's huge, anthemic."

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