Jonas Brothers Call 'Camp Rock 2' 'Next Level'

'The staging was phenomenal for the film,' Joe Jonas says.

Pack your bags, pre-stamp your envelopes and get the campfire going. This Friday, the Jonas Brothers and friends will be heading back to Camp Rock in "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam." And the Jonases say that this time around everything is going to be bigger and better.

"I think overall the production and the music were definitely on the next level," Joe Jonas told MTV News about the sequel to the hit 2008 movie. "The staging was phenomenal for the film. We were always filming somewhere different. Every other day was a new location. For us, that was really exciting because for the first one we stuck to about three different sets, and this time probably having 15, 16 different sets, for us, that was really exciting."

In the flick, a rivalry divides two squads: the Camp Rock kids, played by the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, and Camp Star, made up of a new group of budding musicians. In that group, Nick's character, Nate, finds love with one of Camp Star's leading ladies, Dana, played by Chloe Bridges.

"The story line is really great. They built a camp for the movie and they blocked off a whole mile radius so that people couldn't really find out what the movie was about. It was a really fun experience, and everyone really kept it under wraps," Joe Jonas explained. "The director was the one who kind of leaked pictures on his Facebook ... of all the people!"

The production really had the JoBros stepping up their game now that they're on tour with some of their "Camp Rock 2" castmates. "We've been able to put on some really exciting shows," Kevin explained. "For us to be able to have the production that we always dreamed of, that's why it's exciting for us and for our audience as well."

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