Katy Perry Plans 'Larger Than Life' Teenage Dream Videos

Pop star wants tour around the album to be a 'massive production.'

Katy Perry soared to the top of the charts with her just-released second album, Teenage Dream, but don't expect the pop star to sit around and count her dough now that she's avoided the sophomore slump. She has big plans for the album, including a tour and "larger than life" music videos to follow in the footsteps of the clips for "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream."

"I guess I'm looking forward to making music videos on this new album ... and I'm really excited about incorporating the look and the idea of some of the songs on tour and making a massive production of it," she said. "I'm gonna want a lot of visuals. I want it to be 10 times better than when I was on tour last."

She said this album shows her growth as an artist since releasing her debut One of the Boys, and she hopes to capture that visually. "This record is more important, as important, if not more important than the first record," she said. "This one will really show if it was all by chance that the first one happened, which I strongly don't believe. But I think I have to work just as hard and show people that there is a visual element. There's a story to the songs. ... I'm really excited about going on tour again and giving out those hugs and not handshakes and making those music videos that are going to be larger than life."

Calling the album a "perfect snapshot" of her life now, she said she has one major goal for it: "My ultimate goal is just to make people feel with music. I think that's really important, the power of music, and hopefully people can hear that displayed in this record, but like I said, it's not like anything I'm not. ... It definitely has a little bit more spice to it."

Perry tweeted her excitement about the record's success, thanking fans for helping it reach the top of the charts. "Before I purr off to dreamland I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you so much for my FIRST #1 RECORD DEBUT! I couldn't have done it without YOU," she wrote. "YAY CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONEEEEEEEEEE! #1TEENAGEDREAMDEBUT!"

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