Cee-Lo Drops Official "F--- You" Video

New retro clip replaces previous placeholder video.

You were surely charmed by the low-tech, bold-font viral video that helped launch Cee-Lo's f-bomb-dropping smash single, "F--- You." But after demand for the undeniably catchy throwback kiss-off song spiked over the past week, Cee-Lo quickly got on the stick and recorded an official video for the tune (warning: strong language).

It kicks off with a graffiti-style rendering of the title over a neon sign, topped with a woman in a polka-dot dress raining bills down from a stack of cash.

In keeping with the Motown vibe of the song, the video's setting is of an old-school diner, with a trio of arm-waving, shimmying backup singers in shiny green dresses kicking off the action. Then a youngster identified as "Young Cee-Lo Green" marches into the greasy spoon with his parents, pumping his arm, and calls out the signature four-letter chorus slam.

The camera pans to a trio of fellow tweens in a booth snaking along to the music, with one adorable girl identified as "the Heartbreaker." The real Cee-Lo, wearing a black suit with a white and black checkered tie and shades, pops up to sing a bit.

Waving around a toy garbage truck, the young lothario tries to impress his target, but she clearly has the "Ferrari" of the lyrics in mind over his junk hauler.

With the diner cleared out that night, Cee-Lo is revealed to be wearing a snazzy black suit with a long coat as the backup singers take their place on the counter in elegant white gowns with matching feather boas. Young Cee soon finds out what he's up against when he approaches the table and sees that his rival is dressed in a sharp suit and has, yes, a toy Ferrari that puts Cee's garbage rig to shame. The backup singers then pop up behind the Heartbreaker to snap about how she's a grade-school gold digger.

The scenario flashes forward to the "High School Years," and our luckless lover is now a dishwasher at the diner, still crooning the song's lyrics and dancing over to the object of his affection with some flowers. But a bespectacled kid in a Mohawk thwarts him by dropping a basket of greasy fries on which CL slips, landing his floral gift in the lap of a nerdy, unintended female target.

By the time he's in college, the lothario Cee-Lo dressed in red specs and a checkered jacket, is still trying to work his girl by huddling with his now foxy nerd girl and working on his musical charms (which include a keyboard and a music theory book). But the Heartbreaker seems unimpressed when he sends over a plate with a hot dog and a heart-shaped arrangement of ketchup. She makes her feelings clear by smashing a basket of greasy fries on his shirt as the scene explodes into a montage reminiscent of the opening to the classic '70s sitcom "Good Times."

Cee-Lo gets his revenge in the end, though, when he turns into "the Ladykiller," rolling up in his vintage ride as everyone dances to his music while his grade-school love is stuck sweeping up at the diner. Ain't that a ... well, you know.

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