Justin Bieber Fans Hope To Squeeze Into His 3-D Movie At NYC Show

'I'll probably cry if I see myself,' one die-hard says of Biebs' upcoming flick, which is filming at Madison Square Garden concert.

NEW YORK — A sea of tween girls clad in purple flooded the steps of Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (August 31) as Justin Bieber fans made their way into the sold-out arena.

It was no secret that the show was going to be a special one. Director John Chu previously revealed that much of the upcoming Justin Bieber 3-D movie would be filmed during the night's performance. Fans traveled far and wide with hopes of making it onscreen.

"Me and my friend drove from Virginia for five hours," Erin Sweeney told MTV News. "Since I'll see [the 3-D film] in the theaters, I'll probably cry if I see myself."

When fans were asked whether Biebs had a shot at winning Best New Artist at the upcoming VMAs, most were pretty confident in the teen dream — especially since fan voting is involved.

"Most of the fans he has are really big fans," Bailey Solomons reasoned. "So if they vote for him, they'll vote for him every single day, so he has a good chance."

Some Bieber enthusiasts proved you did not have to be between the ages of 8 and 18 to enjoy Bieber's music.

"Love has no age," Amanda Farina said when asked if she had Bieber fever. "We caught it. We heard the song on the radio, and then suddenly we bought it on iTunes, and then it was a phenomenon. It doesn't matter how old we are. We just love him."

How excited would you be to end up in Bieber's 3-D movie? Let us know in the comments!