Fat Joe, DJ Premier Reflect On Guru Tribute 'I'm Gone'

'It was done the day Guru passed,' Preemo recalls to Mixtape Daily.

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Man, we were digging in our crates this week and came across a gem. Not too long ago in New York City, Fat Joe had a show S.O.B.'s to celebrate the release of his 10th album, The Darkside, Vol. 1.

Mr. Crack brought out a host of celebs, from Redman and Joell Ortiz to M.O.P. and Jeru the Damaja. Moments before the leader of the Terror Squad touched the stage, we caught up with him and DJ Premier. Preemo gave us some insight into a song he produced for Darkside: "I'm Gone," a tribute to his late Gang Starr partner Guru.

"It was done the day Guru passed, April 19," Premier said. "I wasn't in the mood to make a beat. Joe was like, 'My album's done. I need a closer.' I sent him one track. He said, 'That's not it. Let's work on something else.' And it happened to be that one on that occasion. He sent the vocals back. When I heard what he said, I said, 'Wow.' "

"Preem on the beat, I know it sounds different," Joe raps on the song. "But his man's just passed/ His soul's just risen/ Cold, cold world was the words I was given/ As I met him 15, with the burner out of prison/ Gangster, f--- that, I'm Gang Starr/ Tell Nas hip-hop's dead/ My man's gone."

"I was like, 'Wow,' " the legendary DJ/producer reiterated. "Six minutes and 30 seconds!"

Aside from his rhymes, Joe talks to close out the song, breaking the regular three- or four-minute song format.

"Let me tell you something: Guru's my brother. Guru's my friend," Joe declared. "Gang Starr, most legendary group in hip-hop. Most pure, uncompromised group ever to touch hip-hop."

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