Ice Cube Recruits Sons To Rhyme On I Am The West

'They still ain't better than me,' Cube says of kids OMG and Doughboy. 'But they dope.'

Gangsta rap made Ice Cube do it, but the veteran rapper acknowledges that his sons have had a childhood far different from his own Los Angeles upbringing. So when he recruited his two boys — OMG and Doughboy — to appear on his upcoming album, I Am the West, Cube had to make sure the tracks they rapped on were a good fit.

He ended up featuring them on the Bangladesh-produced "She Couldn't Make It on Her Own" and "Y'all Know How I Am."

"When I heard the beat [on 'She Couldn't Make It on Her Own'], I wanted to do a song with my sons, and I felt like the beat feels young to me," Cube told MTV News. "I didn't want them to come out on something that really wasn't their personality. Their personality, they ain't from the 'hood. They didn't have to grow up like that, like I did. So I wanted them to do something that showed their personality. I put them on a track that wasn't strictly a gangsta-rap track, that was fun and something they could come off on."

OMG and Doughboy are following in the footsteps of other young artists who hope to shine on the mic like their famous fathers, including Cory Gunz (Peter Gunz), Justice (GZA) and Lil Eazy-E (Eazy-E).

The former N.W.A star is a fan of his sons, naturally, but he said the pair still have some work to do to match his skills.

"They dope," he said of his offspring. "They still ain't better than me, but they dope. I'm impressed. I'm really impressed by what they doing."

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