'True Blood' Stars Call Getting Naked 'Another Day At The Office'

HBO co-stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård appear nude, bloody on cover of Rolling Stone.

With shows like "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," "Dexter" and "True Blood" earning prized nods at the 2010 Emmy Awards, it's clear that the cable channels are reaping the rewards of their original programming. And those programming choices often involve pushing the envelope with edgy, provocative subjects and story lines. And these days, HBO's "True Blood" is the epitome of provocative TV.

The show is not only a bloody good time, but its daring themes and attractive cast are bleeding into pop culture (cheesy pun intended!). Case in point: Stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård appear naked on a recent Rolling Stone cover. When MTV News spoke with the cast at HBO's Emmy party on Sunday, we asked their thoughts on the saucy photos, as well as who might next be naked on a magazine cover.

"I just saw the naked Rolling Stone cover with our beautiful castmates," admitted co-star Jim Parrack a.k.a. lovable Hoyt Fortenberry. "But it's like another day at the office, we're used to seeing that."

Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds, told MTV News he found the cover shot just plain sexy: "It's gruesome and sexy. Naked people with blood on them — only on 'True Blood.' "

Lindsey Haun, who plays Sookie's cousin Hadley, agreed with the "sexy" description, but also had a bit of artistic analysis to offer. "They looked sooo good with that blood all over them! Sexy, although Alex was making kind of a surprised face," she said. "It was funny. Stephen and Anna were totally sultry, but Alex, I felt like he should have been in the Sex Pistols with the look on his face."

Newly named series regular Joe Manganiello — coincidentally, the actor currently graces another magazine cover in a semi-dressed state — echoed Parrack's sentiments about baring some skin.

"Oh, that's just a typical day at the office for us," Manganiello said. "That's just how we all go out and earn a living, really."

Fan favorite Kristin Bauer a.k.a. Pam De Beaufort said she might be ready for her own scantily clad close-up — after a cocktail or two. "When's my turn? It might be in an hour or so if there's free booze," she joked. "I might just have to take matters into my own hands."

Meanwhile, Marshall Allman (Sam's brother Tommy) revealed that there's a bonus photo that some readers might have missed.

"Did you get the one with the foldout?" he asked. "I'm on there, but I'm like [bends over and sticks his rear out, smiling]. You didn't get that one? I guess it was a limited edition," he joked.

We let Paquin have the last word on the subject: "Everyone should get naked!"

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