Drake, Kanye West Collabos On The Ready Set's Wish List

'Definitely into remixes,' frontman Jordan Witzigreuter tells MTV News of wanting to work with the hip-hop stars.

The man behind the [artist id="3168311"]Ready Set[/artist], Jordan Witzigreuter, released his debut album, I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming, earlier this summer, and while the LP doesn't have any featured guests, the musician says he's very much open to collaborating on his blend of pop, funk, techno and hip-hop.

"I'd kind of like to collaborate with, honestly, anybody!" the Ready Set recently told MTV News. "I'm thinking to try and collaborate with some hip-hop artists, do something with Drake or Kanye West, whoever's down to! Definitely into remixes and stuff."

Given today's musical climate, where artists often drop other musical genres into their own personal song sauces, the Ready Set said the timing is perfect for experimentation.

"I feel like nobody wants to buy an album that's 12 songs [of] the same thing," he said. For I'm Alive, he ensured he wouldn't have a homogeneous sound by working with a range of producers, including J. R. Rotem (Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Plies). The result, he explained, are tracks that are fun to play for his fans.

"It's cool. It's always exciting getting to play new songs," he said. "It's cool to see people starting to sing along. It's good seeing people enjoy those songs because I obviously enjoyed writing them. ... I've been working at something happening for like the past three years, [so] it's cool now to see a glimpse of things taking off a little bit. The shows have been getting better and better. It's really cool."

What do you think of the Ready Set? Would you like to see him nab a Drake or Kanye collabo? Let us know in the comments!