Jimmy Fallon, Betty White Earn Our Alternate Emmys

MTV News picks the truly award-worthy moments — and the massive fails.

Sunday night's Emmy Awards were full of unforgettable moments and thrilling first-time wins for the casts and brilliant minds behind "Modern Family," "Breaking Bad" and "Glee."

But because there's no Emmy Award for the Emmy broadcast itself, MTV News decided to sprinkle a bit more Hollywood pixie dust on Sunday night's winners and losers with our own nods to the show highlights.

Instant Viral-Video Hit: Host Jimmy Fallon didn't knock it out of the park, but his opening musical tribute to "Glee," set to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run," became an overnight viral hit.

Social-Networking Fail: Fallon promised to take the Emmys into the future with some Twitter bits, but his introductions of presenters courtesy of viewer tweets fell flat nearly every time.

Best Name That Totally Sounds Like It Was Made Up: Bucky Gunts. We were totally with comedian Ricky Gervais when he said he hoped the director of the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics with the vaguely porn-y sounding name would win his category.

Worst Use of a Prop: Gervais provided many moments of hilarity during his time onstage (go back and listen to the Mel Gibson bit), but perhaps the night's most awkward moment came after his rant about how, unlike at the Golden Globes, there's no booze at the Emmys. He rectified that situation by sending waiters out into the audience with a variety of microbrews for the attendees. Things got a bit weird, though, when former "Friends" star Matthew Perry, who has spent time in rehab, had to politely decline a bottle of suds.

Think It, But Don't Say It Award: Definitely goes to three-time Emmy winner Edie Falco for joking after she won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for her role in "Nurse Betty": "I'm not funny." Guess who else doesn't think you are? All of the other women in the category.

Best Unexpected Cameo by the Subject of a TV Movie You'd Never Heard Of: Admit it, you got a bit misty when the spunky inspiration and namesake for "Temple Grandin" stood up during David Strathairn's acceptance speech and showed off her lady rancher outfit and later took the stage with her Hollywood doppelgänger, Emmy winner Claire Danes. Author and ethical-ranching promoter Grandin was the big winner of the night, with the HBO film about the autistic cowgirl's life taking home five awards and Grandin garnering tons of headlines on Monday morning (August 30).

Win by a Show You Should Start Watching Now!: If you missed the boat on the first three seasons of AMC's "Breaking Bad," maybe the wins by cancer-stricken, chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cooker Bryan Cranston (his third) and former-junkie, lab-partner Aaron Paul will convince you to tune in. Seriously: one of the best shows on TV.

Enough Already Award: OK, we get it. Betty White is a hilarious senior citizen!

Kicking While Down Award: As much as we love "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," did it really deserve to win a seventh time over Conan O'Brien's short-lived stint on "The Tonight Show"? Even if it was as a sympathy vote, O'Brien earned the nod for his perseverance alone and the classy way he handled the fallout. Plus, he brought his masturbating bear to the crown jewel of late night! That should count for something.

OK, That Didn't Work Award: Jimmy Fallon rules at coming up with funny musical bits, but his roving, guitar-strumming intros to the various award categories kind of fell flat and got old ... real fast.

Can Someone Please Get This Man His Own Show? Award: "Daily Show" contributor and author John Hodgman's deadpan, near-whispered cross talk as winners walked to the stage was one of the show's home-run genre tweakers. You know you're doing it right when you don't care whether the announcer is telling the truth because his delivery is just that funny. One of our favorites: "As ['The Big Bang Theory' winner] Jim Parsons walks to the stage now, nerds across America are taking to the streets in joy, setting cars on fire, and then backing away, using their inhalers."

Product-Placement Award: Nothing was more brazen than the cast of (Emmy network) NBC's "Community" shilling for their own show, the Emmy broadcast and Infiniti cars during an ad for the new QX56. I like to call it the product-placement Triple Lindy. Then again, the spot for Jimmy Dean pork sausage products after the In Memoriam segment, featuring a tribute to late actor/ pork entrepreneur Jimmy Dean, was also pretty brazen.

Did we miss anything? Tell us your 2010 Alternate Emmy Awards picks in the comments!