Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds To Star In Buddy Cop Film

Duo will reportedly play police officers who are forced to work on a case with their fathers.

Deadpool and the A-Team's Faceman may soon be fighting crime together. It's an odd pairing that will be made even stranger by the fact that each will bring his dad along.

Heartthrob Ryan Reynolds and equally heartthrobby Bradley Cooper are attached to star together in an untitled action comedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The duo will star as a pair of San Francisco cops who are forced to work with their former-cop fathers on a case. THR reports that the comedy is "meant to have an updated 'Lethal Weapon' flavor that plays into edgier R-rated territory," so expect profanity and lewd behavior to go along with the high body count.

The script comes from "Up in the Air" scribe Sheldon Turner, who reportedly sold it for a seven-figure sum. The pitch was first developed by producers Neal Moritz and Andrew Panay five years ago with the title "Blowback"; back then, Dwayne Johnson was attached as one of the stars. Moritz and Panay are producing this second crack at the concept, as are J.C. Spink and Chris Bender of the production company Benderspink and Jonathon Komack Martin of Reynolds' Dark Trick Films. No studio is set yet, but Moritz and Panay are set up at Sony.

Reynolds has spent this summer shooting and promoting next summer's "Green Lantern" adaptation. He'll show up next month in Lionsgate's indie thriller "Buried." Reynolds is also supposed to be reprising his 2009 role as the joke-cracking mercenary Deadpool in a reboot of the character that Robert Rodriguez may direct.

Cooper showed up earlier this summer as Faceman in "The A-Team." He's got a sequel to the smash 2009 comedy "The Hangover" lined up for a May release. He also recently finished shooting for Neil Burger's sci-fi thriller "The Dark Fields" with Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish.

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