Usher Opens Up About Marriage To Tameka Foster

'It just was never going to work out 100 percent,' the singer says.

[artist id="1270"]Usher's[/artist] personal life — or public speculation about what has happened behind closed doors — has often figured prominently in the singer's work. Fans ate up the 2004 Confessions LP, which dropped amid rumors that Usher had stepped out on ex-girlfriend Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. Similarly, the singer had endured whispers about his reportedly rocky marriage to stylist Tameka Foster before his latest album, Raymond v. Raymond, debuted at #1 this year.

On the heels of the release of Versus, an extension of Raymond, the R&B crooner opened up about why he wasn't able to make it work with Foster.

"We're two different people and we have two different goals," Usher told People. "It just was never going to work out 100 percent."

Just like he did with his monster album Confessions, the ATL singer turned the heartbreak into hits.

"My music is about where I am at the time," Usher explained. "In Raymond v. Raymond, I was going through a lot of things, and it came out in my music. My marriage fell apart and

I was suddenly a single father."

Continuing his tradition of mining his personal life for inspiration, Usher said that Versus is "about being a dating father."

Earlier this year, the buzz surrounding his relationship with Foster ramped up when Usher's track "Papers," a song about ending a marriage by signing off on divorce documents, hit airwaves. However, Usher told MTV News in March that while the track wasn't inspired by a real-life situation, it unfortunately became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"When the song was recorded, I wasn't divorced," Usher said. "It was some reality in the contrast of trying to make it all work, having to balance a career and having a normal life. Coming in at six in the morning and arguing was a reality when you have those type of relationships. I felt that in a way, the story did touch on certain things at the time. I didn't know how realistic it would become. I didn't know I would become divorced. I did know it spoke on the contrast between trying to balance this world of being married and having this responsibility that's like a marriage at the same time. The song spoke to that place. Unfortunately, it did become a reality."

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