James Cameron Admits Some 'Avatar' Footage Will Never Be Released

'There are things you will never see,' he tells MTV News.

The re-release of the biggest movie in history is just one day away! For the fans who haven't decided whether to make the trek to theaters to see the nine extra minutes James Cameron and crew added to "Avatar," we have some news about the impending release of the film's DVD and Blu-ray editions straight from the source.

When MTV News caught up with Cameron recently to discuss the film's re-release, we asked if fans will ever get to see everything via bonus features, extended cuts, etc.

"There are things you will never see," Cameron admitted. "But there's a whole lot of stuff that will definitely satisfy the appetite of even the most hard-core fan in a big box-set DVD that we're actually preparing right now."

In addition to preparing the film for the re-release, Cameron said his team is also prepping the special-edition DVD and Blu-ray versions. "It's all happening at the same time, because the deadline for mass-producing stuff for the Christmas marketplace is pretty much now anyway," he said. "The re-release that we're doing now with the nine additional minutes is carefully architected for the theatrical experience. But we have more extended-play versions of the film or an extended version of the film that will be available in the Blu-ray, and there will be a whole bunch of supplemental stuff with about 45 minutes of deleted material."

Cameron explained that the reason fans won't ever get all of "Avatar" comes down to money. "We got the budget to finish this nine minutes, and we got the budget to finish the 16-minute longer version [the special extended edition], and then beyond that, it didn't make sense to finish all the extra CG and digital effects."

Will you go see the re-release of "Avatar" for the nine extra minutes or wait for the DVD and Blu-ray versions? Let us know in the comments!

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