'Machete' Cast Thinks Lindsay Lohan's 'Gonna Be All Right'

Lohan's co-stars praise the performance by the actress, who recently left rehab.

Most of the cast of "Machete" was on hand in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 25) to celebrate the premiere of their B-movie-inspired, Robert Rodriguez-directed flick. But one of the film's stars was noticeably absent: Lindsay Lohan, who had been released from rehab a day earlier. The young actress' road to recovery was on the mind of her co-stars.

"You know what, I just care about her as a person," Don Johnson told MTV News on the red carpet. "God bless her and she's gonna do fine." That sentiment was mirrored by Danny Trejo, who added, "Get home, girl! You're gonna be all right. She's gonna be fine. She knows what to do."

Another one of the flick's stars, Cheech Marin, wanted to let Lohan know he supports her, and that he hopes this incident will be a catalyst for her getting her life back on track. "I wish her all the best. I mean, she's a talented young actress," he said. "Hopefully, she won't let her personal life overwhelm her professional life ... at some point, you gotta be responsible."

Michelle Rodriguez felt that publicly wishing Lindsay the best would not just benefit her former co-star. "I just think everybody should have in mind that when you wish the best for people around you, it only makes your country, your society, your culture better," she explained. "So I think that we should all just respect the evolutionary paths of people and as much as we possibly can wish for the better, for light."

Earlier in the night, Jessica Alba praised Lohan, saying, "She's so good in this movie. I can't wait for people to see [her in] it."

Praise for Lohan's performance also came from the film's director. "She's awesome in the movie. That's what they'll see: the actress behind all that paparazzi nonsense that follows her and won't leave her alone," Robert Rodriguez said. "They'll get to see her and say, 'Oh, that's why we follow her around.' "

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