Spencer Pratt Says He's 'Working Things Through' With Heidi Montag

'You can't be Speidi and then all of a sudden get a divorce,' he tells MTV News.

Spencer Pratt is currently in Costa Rica trying to win back his estranged wife and former "Hills" co-star Heidi Montag following her filing for divorce. And he insists he will release a sex tape of Montag if the pair don't resolve their issues and if Montag doesn't call off her divorce from her husband of a little over a year.

"We're working things through," he told MTV News about his current status with Montag. "Clearly I care for her, but the divorce is a superficial title 'cause I didn't cheat on her. And then she divorces me to clean her image. That doesn't fly with me. As much as I was like, 'Do it' [with the divorce], I never thought it would work. You can't be Speidi and then all of a sudden get a divorce. She's still serious about it because she's trying to divorce what is Spencer Pratt. She still loves me.

"There won't be [a sex tape] if she rips up these divorce papers and wants to do this show with me," he continued. "It's a perfect example of how you can't escape Speidi. [If I did my own show,] her name's always going to come up. ... That's my point here. Heidi, you can't get rid of Spencer. I'm too polarizing."

In fact, Pratt says he's taking steps toward changing for her. "I gave away all my crystals. I gave all my crystals to my old middle school," he said. "So no more crystals, woo woo woo."

At the end of the day, Pratt says that while his intentions may seem selfish, he really, truly does love Montag, something she has admitted about him as well. "I'm obsessed with her. We're Speidi. If I could change my face and name, she would have never divorced me."

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