'Takers' Stars Discuss Importance Of Film's Fashion

Chris Brown says co-star Hayden Christensen 'had swag' in the film.

When talking to the cast of the upcoming film "Takers" (arriving in theaters Friday), it was clear that each actor had to not only be sharp with his lines, but with his clothing as well. The film stars Idris Elba, T.I., Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy and Hayden Christensen as a crew of bank robbers out to steal approximately $30 million from an armored car. And when they're not busy plotting their heist, the crew enjoy the finer things in life, from women to wardrobe.

"For my end, my fashion in particular, I had as much input as one could have," Tip said. "There were some things that were suggested that weren't me. There were other things that faced adverse opinion at first, but after dialogue and compromise, I saw that it came out and worked best for the character's presentation for the screen."

"How a man dresses is how you start to create this character," Idris Elba, who plays the team's leader, Gordon, affirmed. "I had a big influence on how Gordon looked. My team was in suits, that was a big component."

So with everyone on-set dressed to the nines, who had the flyest outfits? Chris Brown said it was a toss-up.

"Hayden dressed dope," the singer, sitting next to Michael Ealy, who plays his brother in the film, complimented. "You know, the hat, the suspenders. He had swag. That's kind of my feel [in real life].

"And Idris, he had that white coat on," Brown continued, referring to a scene where the gang gathers at their hangout spot, a jazz club owned by Ealy's character. "He had that tuxedo on. Like, 'Yeah, I'm the leader.' "

"I saw Idris got to wear the white coat. I was digging the white coat," Tip agreed. "I saw Hayden got to wear the hat. So everybody had a different element of fashion they brought to the table."

Ealy says it was no contest. "I felt I'm the best dressed through the entire piece," he joked. "I'll take best dressed."

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