James Cameron's Next Movie Might Not Be 'Avatar' Sequel

'I'm sort of weighing this constellation of really cool things I want to do,' filmmaker says of next project.

With the re-release of "Avatar" just days away, all the Na'vi and James Cameron news has been focused on the extra nine minutes of footage added to the original theatrical release, as well as the director's plans for a return to Pandora via two possible sequels — one of which he said will be set in and around the oceans of the fictitious planet.

When MTV News caught up with the Oscar winner, in addition to delving into a multitude of "Avatar" topics and Cameron's current work in the real world with NASA, he revealed a newsy fact about his next film. As has been widely speculated, it might not be an "Avatar" sequel. We asked him whether "Battle Angel" or "The Dive" might be his next undertaking.

"Well, they're both possible projects," Cameron said vaguely. "I'm sort of weighing this constellation of really cool things I want to do. There's X-amount of time available. I do want to do another 'Avatar' film, probably two. I'm talking to Fox about that right now." He then added: "There's a strong possibility that I might insert one of these other movies in between before I do another ['Avatar'], but it's all up in the air."

So specific, that James Cameron. Try as we might, he would not reveal any more details. He was similarly vague when he spoke with local Los Angeles TV affiliate KTLA:

"I think three years would be the minimum, probably more like four from where we're sitting right now," Cameron said of when audiences might expect an "Avatar" sequel. "There's a possibility I might make another film on a different subject in the meantime, because that's a big commitment of time for me. ... I haven't said anything about this publicly yet. It's a film that I've been working on kind of on and off over the years, just the writing. It might be something that I do first, or it might be something I do after that. I haven't really mapped it all out yet. ... The other idea that I have is more of a live-action film."

While Cameron cleverly avoids spilling any real secrets, he leaves us to ponder his next move.

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