Lily Allen Attacks Simon Cowell, 'X Factor' On Twitter

'It's everything that I detest about modern western culture,' she writes of the U.K. talent competition.

Next fall, Simon Cowell will bring his highly rated "The X Factor" to the U.S. And while speculation is already rampant about whom he'll hire to judge the show, there's one pop star he can definitely cross off his list: Lily Allen.

Seems she's not exactly a fan of the show — which has been a staple on U.K. television since it premiered in 2004 and is currently embroiled in an Auto-Tune controversy — and she let the entire world know in a series of tweets posted on her account over the weekend.

"X factor: FAIL. Too set up/scripted in my humble opinion," Allen wrote on her account. "It's sh--. FACT ! It's everything that I detest about modern western culture. Cowell is the only one who really benefits."

And after jousting with a few "X Factor" supporters, she turned her ire back to Cowell, accusing him of cornering the market on televised talent contests for his own nefarious purposes. "I don't know how Simon Cowell has managed to get away with essentially copywriting [sic] the talent contest. It's beyond me, really," she wrote.

Allen was also asked by a Twitter user if she was bitter because she'd never been asked to serve as a guest judge on the show, which set her off again.

"I'd rather actually eat my own crap than sit next to any of those goons. Except [judge] Cheryl [Cole], obvs," she wrote. "I've better things to do with my time than feed the nation with the notion that doing cover versions will sort your life out."

Her rant apparently over, Allen returned to tweeting about airport security lines and the fate of the Fulham football team. Of course, a day later, her old nemesis Perez Hilton picked up on the story, and — as he is seemingly required by law to do — shot back with a tweet of his own, writing that he'd "love to watch" Allen eat her own crap.

Allen, perhaps not knowing how these things always turn out, took the bait, writing, "Mr. Hilton, you must come to one of my dinner parties next time you're in London, and I'll be sure to serve you up a big helping."

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