James Cameron Dreaming Up Technology 'Wish List' For 'Avatar' Sequels

'We're working on how to improve the system,' he tells MTV News.

With the re-release of the biggest film in movie history quickly approaching ("Avatar" hits theaters again in 3-D and IMAX on Friday), James Cameron has been out and about doing his due diligence with the media, dishing out news about the impending sequels, describing what scenes audiences will see within the nine extra minutes (i.e., the "alien kink" scene!) and much more.

When MTV News caught up with Cameron to talk about the re-release, we took the opportunity to delve deep into the director's technical, history-making mind and ask some very specific (read: nerdy) questions. First, given the film's creation and development of the Virtual Camera system, we wanted to know what technological improvements are on Cameron's "wish list" for the sequels.

"We're working on that wish list right now," he said. "We're working on how to improve the system. You're working on kind of an old video game level of a reality; it's not photo-real in the Virtual Camera, because the Virtual Camera has to render in real time. So you think of it as a game engine, really, a sophisticated input device to a game engine, and as you move it around, it reacts immediately, just like in a video game."

Cameron went on to say that one update they're working on is the camera system's inability to cast shadows. "As you give it inputs, it reacts immediately, but the level of reality isn't very high," he said. "For example, the characters don't cast shadows on the ground, and sometimes shadows are a very important part of a scene; you compose the shot to the shadow. Next time, we're going to have shadows, interactive volumetric lighting, all the kinds of things we didn't have on 'Avatar.' "

Now to consult the dictionary for a definition of "interactive volumetric lighting" ...

"Avatar" hits theaters again, with nine extra minutes of footage, in 3-D and 3-D IMAX on Friday.

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