Swizz Beatz Says 'Pressure Was On' For Kanye 'Power' Remix

'When he made that announcement, we didn't have what we had,' Swizz reveals of 'Ye's on-air promise.

Kanye West's "Power" remix had just as much manpower on the record — 'Ye, Jay-Z, John Legend, Swizz Beatz — as it did behind the scenes. According to Swizz Beatz, the studio sessions that ultimately led to the production of the number featured not only the aforementioned artists, but also input from Q-Tip, Mos Def and the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams.

"Just multiple combinations," Swizz told MTV News on Monday (August 23). The MCs and producers were all working on each other's albums as the "Power" remix was being put together.

The pressure was on Kanye to deliver after the rapper announced in an interview with Angie Martinez on August 11 that a remix of "Power" featuring Jay-Z would be delivered by that Friday, August 13.

"He definitely, definitely was focused," Swizz said. " 'Cause when he made that announcement, we didn't have what we had. But you know when something feels right and it's time to let something to go.

" 'Ye was trying to put it out the best way possible, to give it to the people," Swizz explained of the delay that followed; the remix arrived a bit later than what Yeezy promised. "And then the day before, the last day, before the remix dropped, it just felt like the song needed to change up. I heard it changing up on something different, something that was already on the beat. And I was trying to explain it, but I didn't want to go in too much because [Kanye] was writing his verse. But it sparked an idea."

Once work on the track was complete, though, there was little if any lag time from the studio to the airwaves. Swizz said that after they finished the three-part remix — one part Jay and 'Ye; one part a solo 'Ye over slower music; and the third, Swizz's contribution featuring Snap's "I've Got the Power" — Funkmaster Flex had premiered the track on NY radio station Hot 97, before Swizz had even made it home from the studio.

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