Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks and 3OH!3 Reminisce On 'When I Was 17'

The stars fondly remember their teen years on the most recent episode.

Jason Derülo, Jordin Sparks and 3OH!3 are all young hitmaking artists, but it wasn't too long ago that the stars were worried about their rides, fueling rivalries and rocking out in class.

"I loved school, but I always wanted to be out singing," Jordin Sparks said in the latest episode of '"When I Was 17," which premiered Saturday. "I was that one in school that just was always looking at the clock, like, wishing I was kind of somewhere else. I was always singing in class, too. Like I'd be reading the assignments and singing and the teacher would be like, 'Jordin, Jordin, Jordin!' I'd be like, 'What?' She's like, 'Shh! People are reading!' and I was like, 'Oh, sorry.' "

Jordin may have felt a little embarrassment in the classroom, but Jason Derülo nearly lost major cool points when he busted a tire on his raggedy car, nicknamed '"The White Jellybean," while cruising on a date.

"We're good, we're flowing, we're riding," Derülo remembered. "Suddenly I hear it go 'boom, boom, boom, boom.' I just try to keep going. We're still riding ... but I know that we got a flat tire. But I also know [that] I don't know how to change the tire."

The guys in 3OH!3 grew up to make sunny hip-hop-infused pop jams together, but back in the day the duo were not cool with each other.

"We went to rival high schools," Nat Motte said. "Junior year of high school, we beat the Fairview Knights 17-10 [in football], and we lost consecutively in all other sports afterwards. But we would still chant '17-10!' "

Even a bitter sports rivalry couldn't keep the pair apart, and they were eventually brought together by their love of absurd guerilla-style TV.

"My mom thought I was a real weirdo, but I would watch public access television, and I remember seeing awesome videos that Nat made. I was like, 'Man, I want to meet that kid!' " Sean Foreman said. "So I'm going to University of Colorado-Boulder, and I take a physics class, and I'm sitting in the class and I'm like, 'Oh my God, it's the guy from TV!' ... and that's how we met."

"When I Was 17" airs Saturdays at 11 a.m. ET on MTV.