Katy Perry Says 'Pearl' Is Her Album's Crowning Jewel

Pop star says ballad is the perfect way to end Teenage Dream.

Katy Perry rose to the top of the charts with songs about kissing girls, Vegas vacations gone awry and how awesome "California Gurls" are. So, when fans pop Teenage Dream into their boom boxes, they might be surprised to hear Perry show her vulnerable side on the song "Pearl." The ballad is about an outgoing, strong young woman who lets a guy "keep her in the dark." The catch, at the end, is that Perry is actually singing about herself.

The singer admitted that by the time she started working on "Pearl," her album was nearly complete. But, it was missing something. So she headed back into the studio to work on the track. And she thinks it finishes her record in just the right way.

"I did one more song with [producer] Greg Wells, and it was called 'Pearl,' " she explained to MTV News about the track. "And it was kind of just like, 'All right, now I have this crown, and I have all these jewels, and I can put these little jewels into the crown, and I feel like it's a complete presentation, something I'm really proud of.' "

So, after recording Teenage Dream rather quickly, "Pearl" became its crowning jewel.

"It only took six months [to make Teenage Dream], which is like lightning speed," she said. "But I think that I wouldn't be starting again with this new record if I didn't feel like this was my best foot forward.

Perry said the project shows her evolving. "It's an evolvement, but it's not a dis-attachment. ... My life is a little bit different, and I'm taking a verbal snapshot right now."

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