Taylor Swift Explored Dark Side For 'You Belong With Me' Video

'Once she put on that wig, [the] real Taylor was gone,' director Roman White recalls of VMA nominee.

Taylor Swift got to show the world that she can be just as naughty as the next girl in her VMA-winning "You Belong With Me" video. We also learned that once she puts on a cheerleader costume and a long, dark wig, she becomes almost unrecognizable.

"We did have a body double for Taylor, and it was not easy because of Taylor's hair," director Roman White explained. "Her hair is so specific, so we did have to have a body double to go back and forth when we did 'evil cheerleader Taylor' and 'good girl Taylor.' We really had to cheat it."

"It works really great," he continued. "She looks very different with long, blonde hair."

And White explained it wasn't just her look that was different in the disguise.

"There was real Taylor and cheerleader Taylor, and once she put on that wig, real Taylor was gone," White remembered. "I didn't want to be around 'cheerleader Taylor.' 'Cheerleader Taylor' was a monster. Taylor, on the other hand: very nice, easy to work with."

The John Hughes-influenced video was meant to have "colors that pop" and a love story that was at the heart of the clip.

"I really wanted there to be a great love story there," White said. "It's about these two people who have lived these two lives across from each other and both of them loved each other but just never knew it. They were just barely missing each other, across the way."

For Swift's love interest, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" star Lucas Till was cast as the perfect boy next door. White revealed that sparks between the pair were evident to everyone on set.

"How many kisses did we go through? I stopped counting at, like, 45," he joked. "They were going for it, no? When you're shooting this, you're always looking for that perfect kiss, but as the director, it's always weird for me to go, 'OK — we need you to kiss a few more times.' But they were very natural. ... Not that they didn't like each other, 'cause they did."

In fact, the pair did date for a short time after doing the video.

And White could see why they'd be perfect for each other.

"They're both really, really kind. It sounds really cheesy, but they really are," he said. "I think you can see it when they kiss. You can see that warmth and that kind of first-kiss moment. So we literally got to see their first kiss, and it worked."

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