'Jersey Shore' At The Beachcomber Bar: Owner Talks Snooki And Sushi

'People come in every day looking for the cast,' Michael Carbone tells MTV News.

Though early episodes of the second season of "Jersey Shore" have shown Snooki, the Situation and their pals getting to know the hotspots in Miami Beach, the reality show will eventually follow them north, back to the familiar boardwalk of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. In fact, the cast is already there, taping episodes and taking the town by storm. They've become, in the words of T-shirt shop owner Danny Merk, "like the Beatles."

One guy who has a front-row seat for the madness is Michael Carbone, who owns the Beachcomber Bar & Grill on the boardwalk. "We get a visit almost every day from the 'Jersey Shore' cast. They seem to come here and like the food," he told MTV News. "They're very healthy eaters."

Among their favorite eats are sushi and the buffalo chicken salad. And, as the stars chow down, customers flock in simply to watch them chew. Such is the odd life of a reality-TV star. The Beachcomber was also the scene of one of the first season's most notorious incidents, when Snooki got punched by a drunken wacko.

"The famous Snooki punch, it happened right here," Carbone said. "It happened on a Tuesday night. Something beyond our control. We had a customer that was cut off and flagged. He just kind of snuck in there and was trying to steal a drink. Snooki was the only one telling him, 'Hey, cut it out.' I guess he hit her without realizing what he did."

The occasional misconduct aside, Carbone said he and other Seaside business owners have welcomed the cast back to the boardwalk. "Business is up. It's helping our economy out," he explained. "People come in every day looking for the cast. We're hoping the show runs for years and years to come."

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