Spencer Pratt Plans Heidi Montag Tell-All

'I'm not holding anything back,' the former 'Hills' star says.

Spencer Pratt appears determined to ride out his breakup with Heidi Montag the same way the pair spent their short-lived marriage together: in the spotlight.

The former "Hills" star told Us Weekly that he's planning to divulge details about his relationship with his reality co-star and soon-to-be ex-wife in an upcoming tome.

"My last book, 'How to Be Famous,' didn't make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section," Pratt said. "This one is going to be totally different. I'm not holding anything back." Pratt also revealed that the tell-all will highlight Montag's strained relationship with her mother, Darlene, which was chronicled on "The Hills."

Montag has fired back about the forthcoming book. She recently told TMZ.com, "This is exactly why I left him." Montag said she plans to halt the release of the book and told the website, "Right now, I'm looking into my legal options."

Pratt and Montag recently signed divorce papers, and their split is expected to become finalized in another six months. Earlier this year, Montag said the couple had grown apart, telling People magazine: "We just want different things in life." However, Pratt put the deterioration of their relationship more bluntly, saying, "We love each other, but I'm a famewhore, and I'll never grow out of it."

The planned tell-all isn't the first time Pratt has milked his onscreen celebrity to work the publishing game. Pratt and Montag teamed up last year to write "How to Be Famous," an instructional guide to scoring fame with dubious credentials.

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