Jon Chu Teases Plotline For 'The LXD' Season Two

'It's all about the villains in the next season, which is really fun,' director says.

With the first season of "The LXD" wrapping up, the online series has managed to garner admirers ranging from comic book fanboys to dance fans by seamlessly combining the mythology of comic book franchises like "X-Men" with the art of dance. And the mastermind behind the show, "Step Up 3D" director Jon Chu, says that the concept wasn't initially an easy sell.

"For sure, the question kept coming up, like, 'What's their power and what are they fighting for?' " he told MTV News. "It did take us some time to create the mythology, which even in the 10 episodes, it doesn't come out. You just clamp [on] a lot of little questions. So, we created a history that goes from the 1920s to the year 3000 as to what that power is. So in season two you learn a lot more."

What will fans get in the second season, which Chu said has already been shot and is currently in the process of being edited before a premiere, hopefully by the end of the year?

"It's all about the villains in the next season, which is really fun," he teased. "We see these sort of as the 'Avengers' style. In season two, which is them coming into learning what the LXD is, learning about what the organization is, learning who their enemies are, learning what the power, which we call RA ... and this RA, which is like chi or aura or chakra, can be focused and sent outside of the body. So they're going to explore how they can hone this RA and that there is evil out there."

Looking back on the first season, Chu, who will next direct the still-untitled Justin Bieber movie, feels that they really did start to break some ground. "You know the one that was the riskiest for us, but also the one that paid off the most, was 'Robot Lovestory.' That's the one where the whole series stemmed from, on my end at least," he said. "I wanted to do this story about how Madd Chadd discovered he was a robot. I wanted to do it in a film noir style, so that was always sort of the first one. Eventually I think it worked well, and I think it's a fun, beautiful piece."

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