'Breaking Dawn' Star Nikki Reed Is 'Starting To Get' Justin Bieber

'He's a talented kid,' the actress tells MTV News of her late-breaking case of Bieber Fever.

When it comes to rabid fans, it would seem that the "Twilight" franchise fanbase and that of teen chart-topper [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] have a lot in common. For instance, both have extremely dedicated fans, complete with playful nicknames — Twilighters and Beliebers. Both groups are prone to burst into ear-piercing screams and heavily influence awards-show voting. So when MTV News recently caught up with "Breaking Dawn" star Nikki Reed, we asked whether she had any special insight into Bieber Fever, having experienced the kind of fan-demonium he has.

"I didn't really understand that for a while, and I finally get it," she said about the singer while promoting her new flick "Last Day of Summer."

Reed said her "a-ha" moment came when she stumbled upon vintage Bieber videos online, which show the singer at 6 years old, playing guitar on the side of the road. "The excitement and passion in his eyes and his voice, this little tiny kid holding this big huge guitar ... he's singing, his voice penetrates into the world," Reed recalled. "People across the street were listening, it's truly incredible. He's a talented kid."

The "Twilight" actress added that while she might not personally fit into his demographic, she has slowly come to realize the power of Bieber. "He's got a very specific look and style thing that he's going for. I didn't understand or connect with that [at first], just like the Jonas Brothers, but I'm starting to get it with the Biebs."

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