Gucci Mane Wraps Work On New Album, The Appeal

'I'm just out here promoting it and letting everyone know it's coming,' rapper says.

[artist id="1938028"]Gucci Mane[/artist] had momentum on his side like fries to a cheeseburger back when he was about to release his last album, 2009's The State vs. Radric Davis. He had a string of successful mixtape releases, he appeared on songs with Mariah Carey and the Black Eyed Peas, and he was named one of MTV News' Hip-Hop Brain Trust's Hottest MCs.

Then Gucci landed in prison for a parole violation, and his buzz fizzed like flat soda.

Now, the rapper has finally wrapped his follow-up album and said that this is his best chance to capitalize on his underground allure. "The Appeal is officially finished. It's mixed and mastered, and the artwork is done," he told MTV News from the set of one of his upcoming videos (he's currently filming two at the same time). "I'm just out here promoting it and letting everyone know it's coming. Just bring awareness to it 'cause I want everyone to know it's coming and to support it because it's a masterpiece."

Gucci has been busy since he was released from prison in May. The rapper appeared at Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash, he filmed a video for Lil Wayne's "We Be Steady Mobbin'," he planned a collaboration with Drake, and he's released another set of mixtapes, including Mr. Zone 6, which he told Mixtape Daily would be the "Mixtape of the Year."

"Biggest mixtape of the summer, by far," Gucci said about his tape, an ode to the neighborhood in Atlanta where he grew up. "When y'all get it, guarantee I win Mixtape of the Year."

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