Are Weezer Planning A Pinkerton Tour?

Guitarist Brian Bell expresses interest in touring around the 1996 album's reissue.

From the sound of things, it's looking like it might be 1996 all over again for [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] (minus Matt Sharp, more than likely). Because they're planning to launch a tour in support of the reissue of Pinkerton, their willfully difficult sophomore album that sputtered out of the gate but has since gone on to be regarded as a classic and a touchstone of so-called "second wave" emo.

That's according to Weezer guitarist Brian Bell, who gave an interview this past weekend at the Mile High Music Festival in Colorado, saying the band were kicking around the idea of doing a tour where they'll play Pinkerton in its entirety.

"We ... have a reissue of Pinkerton coming out with new packaging," he said. "And, I'm praying, a Pinkerton tour, where we'll play all the songs on [the album] soon."

That's good news for fans of Weezer's classic lineup — Rivers Cuomo, Bell, Patrick Wilson and bassist Sharp, who left the group in 1998 and has since released solo albums and music with the Rentals — though, at the moment, the idea of doing a Pinkerton tour might just be that: an idea.

When contacted by MTV News, a spokesperson for Weezer had no comment about Bell's interview, and though Amazon lists an October 5 release date for the reissue of Pinkerton, a spokesperson for Geffen Records — the band's former home and the label that will apparently be putting the album out — could not be reached for comment.

In the meantime, Weezer are gearing up for the September 14 release of Hurley, their in-no-way-based-on-"Lost" album that just so happens to feature "Lost" actor Jorge Garcia on the cover.

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