Lindsay Lohan Offered $1 Million For First Post-Jail Interview

Actress has reportedly not yet accepted offer from OK! magazine.

If anyone was wondering how Lindsay Lohan would make a living after her stay in jail and in-patient rehab, we now have our answer. The 24-year-old actress, who hasn't headlined a theatrical release since 2007, is set to net a lucrative payday for her first post-sentence interview.

OK! magazine has offered Lohan $1 million for the interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lohan has reportedly not yet agreed to the deal — she's still receiving treatment at a rehab facility run by UCLA Medical Center — but she will likely be released well before completing the court-ordered 90-day treatment plan, instead entering an out-patient program. Thus we might be hearing from Lohan — and the actress might be cashing a hefty paycheck — sooner than previously expected.

Lohan, of course, won't be the first celebrity to be offered a big payoff following a personal scandal or tragedy. In 2007, after serving a short jail stint, Paris Hilton was reportedly offered as much as $1 million from NBC for her first post-jail interview before that deal fell through and she appeared on "Larry King Live," reportedly without payment. NBC also reportedly paid $2 million for an interview with Prince William and Prince Harry and the American rights to broadcast a concert in honor of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Whichever outlet ultimately lands the Lohan interview, it should expect to pony up some serious cash, as the actress' professional opportunities are limited at this point. She was fired from "The Other Side" in April, with the film's director, David Michaels, saying that "producers of the movie have reported that financiers have been resistant to finance the movie with Lindsay in the lead role." He added that Lohan was simply "not bankable."

She does have a small role in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete," but it's not clear she'll be free to promote the film. Meanwhile, the filmmakers behind "Inferno," a biopic in which Lohan is set to star as 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, remain committed to the actress, though the indie flick will hardly deliver a significant payday.

In addition to the interview paycheck, THR reports that Lohan could attract appearance fees in New York and Los Angeles that range anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. Yet it remains to be seen whether Lohan can make the necessary personal and professional changes to stay out of legal trouble in the future, especially as she heads back into the media spotlight so soon after jail and rehab.

"She can take this and she can learn from it and it becomes a cathartic event in her life," Howard Bragman, founder of publicity firm Fifteen Minutes, told MTV News. "The one thing we haven't heard from Lindsay is 'I'm sorry, I have a problem, I'm going to resolve it.' She doesn't have PR problems, she has life problems. You can't fix your problems until you admit you have them. I think she needs a lot of therapy. She needs to let her career be second and her life be first."