Selena Gomez Releases New Album Track Listing

Katy Perry is featured on song from A Year Without Rain, due September 21.

Selena Gomez is amping her fans up for the release of her next album. On Monday she took to Facebook to share with fans the complete official track listing for her upcoming album A Year Without Rain, due September 21.

"Hey Everyone-- I wanted to share with you the official tracks off my upcoming album 'A Year Without Rain' as well as the bonus features on the deluxe album. I can't wait for you all to hear the album," Gomez wrote.

The 10 songs on the new album are: current single "Round & Round," title track "A Year Without Rain," "Rock God," "Off the Chain," "Summer's Not Hot," "Intuition," "Spotlight," "Ghost of You," "Sick of You" and "Live Like There's No Tomorrow." The deluxe version of the album will include two remixes of "A Year Without Rain," as well as a remix of "Round & Round."

While Gomez didn't let on about any previously reported collaborations in her Facebook message, earlier this month some websites reported that "Off the Chain" features Miley Cyrus and "Rock God" features Katy Perry. There were also murmurings of a Demi Lovato duet, "The Begging of the Road," but that song didn't make it to the official list.

Fans may have to wait to see if Cyrus' vocals ended up on "Off the Chain," however, Gomez has said that Perry contributed to her album. "Katy Perry gave me a song, and she did background vocals on it," she said. "The whole experience was really fun."

As for some of the announced songs, Gomez recently spoke to MTV News about the album and gave some insight into what people can expect. "['A Year Without Rain' is] basically one of my favorite songs on the record. It's kind of got a more feel-good dance beat and feel. I love it. It's different; [it] kind of shows my growth of my music," she said. "There's a song called 'Intuition' that's one of my favorites. The message is basically every decision that you regret or second-guess, [just] do it [anyway]. I love that message so much."

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