Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Pics Renew Romance Rumors

Grainy photos that seem to show the 'Twilight' stars kissing emerge online.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven't even stepped foot yet on the "Breaking Dawn" set and already rumors of their romance have kicked up again. Last week, a photo of Pattinson apparently "nuzzling" Stewart's neck surfaced. And this week, some fuzzy pics of them maybe possibly locking lips have hit the Web.

Pattinson visited the newly blond Stewart on the Montreal set of "On the Road," where the photos were reportedly snapped. While the "nuzzling" photo could also be interpreted as Pattinson trying to whisper something to Stewart, the latest pics look a lot more intimate. The photo of the reported lip-lock found its way on, as did several other photos, seemingly taken the same night, that clearly show the two hanging out.

This isn't the first time Twilighters have wondered about photographic evidence of a Pattinson-Stewart romance. Last summer, the pair was spotted together at a Kings of Leon concert. Then they were snapped holding hands as they made their way through an airport in Paris.

Neither Stewart nor Pattinson has ever 'fessed up to an off-screen romance, and even their "Twilight" co-stars claim to know little about the true nature of their relationship.

"I never know anything," Elizabeth Reaser told MTV News about the duo earlier this year. "I'm also, like, the clueless person on set that has no idea what's happening. And I think I like it that way."

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