Trae Tha Truth Gives Back With Trae Day, New Mixtape

'Sometimes people need a soldier to lean on and give them that hope and motivation,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Cornerstone Credentials: Trae Tha Truth

Trae Tha Truth proudly reps his crew name ABN (that's A-holes by Nature) but when it comes to the kids, he's anything but.

The Texas truth speaker gives his all. There was footage that Trae showed us personally of him visiting a paralyzed kid in a hospital that had your favorite hip-hop editor turning on the waterworks. The youngster was moved by Trae's music and started to try to dance.

Trae's fans are gearing up for his proper LP, Tha Truth, but before that, they'll get a mixtape. He just finished his latest, Can't Ban Tha Truth. The title has to do with his lawsuit with Radio One, and the content has everything to do with the streets. Look for guest spots from Young Buck and Lupe Fiasco on the project.

A few weeks back, Trae held his annual Trae Day event in Houston where he gave back to the kids, with school supplies, carnival rides, immunizations and music. Lupe and Buck were there to support as well, as were Gorilla Zoe, Jody Breeze, NBA star Stephen Jackson, adult-film star Pinky and Yo Gotti.

"As soon as we started to perform, it started raining," Jae Millz recalled. He was there with his Young Money family Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Gudda Gudda, Shawt Dog and Shanell. "It started pouring. It was already on and off rain, but we still rocked anyway. Everybody came out to rock for Trae Day. This is big, man. Everybody needs to have a little bit more of this in their state. They out here. [The fans] stood out here in the rain for him. He had a jungle gym, a Ferris wheel, he did this on his own. That's love. You don't get too many artists like this. When you come across an artist like this and he rocks with you, you rock with him, you support him. The people stayed. Parking lot still full."

"We do this: rain, sleet or snow," Yo Gotti laughed about the inclement weather. "Nothing is gonna stop us from doing that.

"It's a good cause," Gotti added. "He's been doing [Trae Day] for a few years, for the kids. He's my homeboy too. He said he's gonna put it together, he wanted me to come out, I'm here."

"This is one of the most beautiful individuals that I've come into contact in the music business," Lupe Fiasco said. "He's a trusted friend, partner, family. Anything I can do to show support, especially something as beautiful as Trae Day and what it stands for — getting kids prepared to go back to school, immunizations, HIV testing — that's what I do. Any time I see somebody do that, I'm on it."

For Trae, he said he tries to make the event bigger every year.

"It's pressure, man. At the end of the day, it makes me proud that even though the rain came out, they stayed out here for the supplies, they stayed out here with the homie," Trae said. "We got to be able to touch the people, touch their hearts and give them a smile, because that's what they need. People think it's about money. ... Sometimes people need a soldier to lean on and give them that hope and motivation. So that's what I do every Trae Day. Even though it's my holiday, I made it a holiday for the city."

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