'Fright Night' Remake Has 'Changed A Lot,' Dave Franco Says

'That movie would not work today,' actor tells MTV News of 1985 original.

Aside from casting announcements and filming locations, the buzz surrounding the "Fright Night" remake has been relatively quiet of late.

Not that the stellar lineup isn't excitement enough, which includes Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Toni Collette and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. MTV News recently caught up with newly announced castmember Dave Franco ("Scrubs") to get insider info on his character, as well as his take on the remake of Tom Holland's 1985 campy horror classic.

"I play the a--hole," Franco said of his character. "It's fun, but I just keep getting cast as the a--hole, which I don't know how to take. ... I promise, I'm a really nice guy," he insisted, adding that his character is basically the school bully. "He has no redeeming qualities, so you're just going to hate me throughout this whole thing and be praying for my death." Subtle foreshadowing perhaps, Dave?

Regarding the new version of the '85 slasher, Franco said director Craig Gillespie has put his own spin on it. "The original is very campy, very '80s in an awesome way. ... It's a cult classic. That movie would not work today," Franco said. "It's obviously the same concept, but a lot has changed to make everything make sense now. For example, my character wasn't even in the original, so they've changed a lot and added a lot of school elements, just let it build a little more."

Franco went on to say that the one element that will remain unchanged is the gore factor.

"I've seen some footage of the bloodier scenes, and I personally am a huge horror fan. What I like about this movie is that they're really going for it," he said of the film's hard-R rating. "It is disgusting, but not in, like, a 'Saw'-type way, where it's overly horror-porn that's almost unnecessary. This one, they're definitely going for it. It's a hard R."

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