Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Sign Divorce Papers

'Both Heidi and Spencer are in agreement to settle their divorce as quickly as possible,' Montag's lawyer says.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag seem to be well on their way to finalizing their divorce. The former "Hills" stars have reportedly taken the next step to dissolving their marriage, with Montag authorizing the service of her divorce papers to Pratt, TMZ reports.

Last week, Pratt reportedly received and signed the papers. This means the divorce can become finalized six months from the time Pratt received the documents. Montag's lawyer, Jodeane Farrell, said, "Both Heidi and Spencer are in agreement to settle their divorce as quickly as possible without the need of a court appearance."

While the pair are briskly moving along to the end of their marriage since tying the knot in April 2009, they have each been tweeting about their next moves. Pratt has been busy working on a 3-D beach movie, while Montag, who dropped out of a reality show with pal Jen Bunney, has been busy working on music and "finally hav[ing] some girl time in my life for the first time in years!" She added: "Cleaning house and getting rid of my old life, it feels good to live fresh."

Earlier this month, Montag commented on the state of her marriage to Pratt, noting that "this has been a heartbreaking experience to go through, and it's not that I don't love Spencer. We just want different things in life."

She explained that the two are trying to work through the last few steps before they can finally be divorced. "We don't live together," Montag said. "Spencer and I are finally moving forward with our lives, but with any divorce, there is much to work through. We've been together almost five years — there are assets to divide, work to be discussed, and we share our puppies."