'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Arrested For Unpaid Tickets

The 'Shore' castmember was briefly taken into custody on Sunday.

"Jersey Shore" castmember Ronald "Ronnie" Ortiz-Magro was arrested on Sunday (August 15) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey for outstanding warrants related to unpaid parking tickets. Police confirmed to MTV News that the 24-year-old "Shore" star was taken into custody for warrants from Annendale and Stuartsville in New Jersey. Ronnie was quickly released "after satisfying the conditions of these warrants," which included paying off his fines. A rep for MTV had no comment on the matter.

The parking-ticket bust comes just a couple weeks after fellow castmember, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, was arrested in the same Jersey town for disorderly conduct. Snooki was shown in photos, reportedly snapped around the time of her arrest, getting cuffed by officers after ambling along the boardwalk with Ronnie and fellow castmember Vinny. The arrest happened the day after the much-watched season-two premiere of "Shore." Snooks won't do time but she does face a fine between $250 and $1,000. She is due in court on August 18.

In addition to Ron Ron's offscreen drama, the fist-pumping "Shore" star has a lot to sort out on the show as well. In last week's episode, the beefy Bronx native was back on with his in-house girlfriend Sammi. However, Ron wasn't able to curb his penchant for club-hopping and hooking up with girls around the "Shore" collective's newly-adopted city of Miami.

In the episode, Snooks also struggles with whether she should let Sammi know about Ron's shady ways. But Snooki and Ronnie appear to have a couple things in common in addition to getting thrown in the slammer: after a night drinking, Snooki cuddled up to Vinny, drawing the ire of her offscreen off-and-on boyfriend.