50 Cent's Original 'Black Magic' Tracks Still Exist, Lloyd Banks Says

The MC tells 'RapFix Live' that a finished G-Unit mixtape is also in the vaults.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] has backed away from the dance music sound he originally envisioned for his album Black Magic. Although Fif may not be putting a trance or deep-house spin on his gritty street records, [artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist] says that the mercurial 50 doesn't dispose of his music — even if it's never released.

"[50's] mind runs all day. I go to sleep about 7 a.m. from being up writing all that time, and he's getting up at that time, thinkin'. He might come to my room three times [a] day like, 'I got this idea,' or 'I got that idea,' " Banks said while appearing on "RapFix Live" on Friday (August 13). "He changes up a lot. [The] material never goes anywhere though."

Banks said that even though 50 stays on the move, the G-Unit boss has been working constantly on his upcoming album. "I heard a bunch of material for that project," Banks said. "All of it [was made while] traveling and being around. He made most of it in a ... studio-truck type of thing."

The "Any Girl" MC even revealed that the Unit has recorded a mixtape that's ready to hit the streets. "We got material," Banks said. "We got a whole 'nother mixtape done in the studio, chillin.' " Banks added that when the 'tape will see the light of day is up to 50. "Whenever he feel like he want to pull that trigger," Banks said.

50 has been staying busy with his Hollywood hustle and, of course, keeping up his time-honored tradition of beefing with fellow hip-hop stars like Fat Joe and Shyne. However, his last two albums, Curtis and Before I Self Destruct, didn't move the same jaw-dropping numbers as his previous efforts and the core G-Unit team has been whittled down to just Banks, Tony Yayo and 50.

Banks said that the Queens mogul plans to rule the rap game once again, and when asked about the recent criticism the G-Unit honcho has endured, he revealed that 50's response is "I'ma get 'em."

"He'll just come out of nowhere. I be having to tell him, 'You ain't gotta tell me n---a, I know. I already know what's there 'cause I hear it,' " said Banks. "That fire ... it ain't gonna go nowhere."

Banks insisted that the whole Unit is ready to prove themselves on their upcoming projects. "[50's] material's gonna be crazy, man. All I can say is just wait and see," Banks assured fans. "What I'm doing right now, [there's] nothing more he wants to see than that. That just gets everybody hyped up again. [Tony] Yayo will call me like, 'Yo, it's on!' That's like the energy that's around the unit right now."

What do you think 50 Cent's Black Magic album sounds like? What do you think is on the unreleased G-Unit mixtape? Let us know in the comments below!