Stephanie Pratt Recalls Fooling Club Bouncers On 'When I Was 17'

In this week's episode, which airs Saturday at 11 a.m., the 'Hills' starlet recalls posing as a married woman to get past ID checks.

Many OMG moments on MTV's "The Hills" went down in Los Angeles' most exclusive nightclubs. Way before castmember Stephanie Pratt waded into the show's drama, she learned how to navigate the city's nightlife.

On the latest episode of

href="">"When I Was 17," which airs Saturday at 11 a.m., Pratt remembers that she didn't let a little thing like her age get in the way of clubbing.

"When I was 17, all of my friends were 21 and going out to clubs on school nights, and I obviously wanted to go with them. So, I'd get to clubs, and I had such a baby face at 17, and [bouncers would] be like, 'There's no way you're 27,' " Pratt said. The reality star, who was 17 in 2003, says that with a little sophisticated banter she was able to wriggle past the velvet rope.

"I had 'borrowed' my mom's cocktail ring and I used to wear it on my wedding finger and say to the doorman, 'You are just such an angel, I'm actually married!' " Pratt explained. "And they'd be like, 'Oh, well. In that case, come right in.' "

Pratt's buddy Mike said the sneaky tactic reflects the starlet's deeply held desire to make the scene.

"Stephanie is gonna get what she wants. So if she wants to get in that club, she's gonna do whatever it takes," Mike said.

Once Pratt got past the velvet ropes, she would have another issue to deal with: sleazy guys.

"The worst part is that I would get hit on at these clubs and I really thought I was just being really nice and I'd be like, 'OK, it was so fun talking to you for two hours,' " the "Hills" star continued.

"They'd be like, 'You're not gonna come home with me?' and I'd be like, 'Oh, like a sleepover?' I was just so naïve. I didn't know that they were just up to no good."

This week's episode of

href="">"When I Was 17" -- which features Pratt, Kelly Rowland and Enrique Iglesias -- airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.