Snooki And Vinny Cuddle Up, Sammi And Ron Make Up On 'Jersey Shore'

The Jersey gang brings new acronyms and 'CSI' homages to Miami.

[url id=""]"Jersey Shore"[/url] is back on the air, and with its return comes the return of many a "did-that-really-just-happen" moment. The episode that premiered Thursday (August 12) did not disappoint on that front — but in case you were blackout drunk and smacked up your only allies in your Miami beach house, here's the lowdown on what went down.

#5. The Situation Channels David Caruso

We got to see the tail end of the Angelina-Situation-Pauly D flap play out. 'Lina knocked back a few too many when she hit the club with Sitch and Pauly, and she ended up endangering DJ P's gravity-defying tower of tresses with a couple of knocks to the head. There was this whole exchange where insults like "delusional" and "delusionalable"

were flung about, and Mike had a reverse-"CSI: Miami" moment when he ripped off his glasses in disbelief.

#4. Random Gelato Dude

Sammi and Ronnie keep going back and forth with their kinda-committed relationship, which Ron Ron doesn't make any better by creepin' in the club with other chicks. But they did reconcile at work, and the smile that brightened up the face of a bystander at the gelato joint almost made the whole mess endearing.

#3. M.V.P.

The "Jersey Shore" crew has given us G.T.L., G.F.F. and I.F.F. On this episode, they launched another acronym into their letter-filled

lexicon: M.V.P. When power fist-pumpers Mike, Vinny and Pauly embark on a guys' night out, they dub themselves M.V.P. — and not M.V.P.A., much to Angelina's dismay.

#2. We Got A Floater!

Even armed with a clever moniker for the Jersey-to-Miami trio, M.V.P.

night turned out be a major bust in more ways than one. The guys unwittingly brought home a selection of ladies who apparently violated the specifications of the guys' Grenade-Free Zone. But things really blew up when one of the girls' falsies fell out of her bra.

#1. Snooki and Vinny, Sitting ... On A Beanbag

Snooki and Vinchenzo — as he likes to be called — got extra close. Snooki took a call from her man while cozying up to a passed-out Vinny on a beanbag chair and later followed him to the bedroom for some rip-roaring belching and alcohol-fueled affection.

When Vinny woke up next to Snooks in the morning, he asked the question on everybody's mind: "Did I do the unthinkable?"

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