Rihanna Fans 'Rocked Out' At Her New York Show

'She's badass! She's awesome!' one fan gushes after sold-out, rock-tinged concert.

NEW YORK -- Rihanna threw one dance-friendly party at her sold-out gig at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. It was a dazzling mixture of couture, high-flying dancing and lots of chart-toppers. And when MTV News caught up with some of Rihanna's biggest fans after the curtains closed on the show, they all said the "Love the Way You Lie" singer didn't disappoint.

"Rihanna was awesome," Elizabeth gushed. "She was amazing. It was the best concert I've ever been to." Another fan, Kaitlin, added, "Rihanna is badass! She's badass! She's awesome! She's always good!" Other fans gave it up for Rihanna's ability to interact with the audience, making them truly feel her songs.

"I thought Rihanna was amazing. Every lyric she had ... or every lyric she wrote, it was just so useful," Caitlin said. "Everybody like, even though you could dance to it and everything, you really think about [the lyrics] and it goes to your heart."

"I loved each and every minute of it," Neema added. "We danced the whole time. It was great."

The show's party vibe translated to the set list, and standouts included fan Christina's favorite song, "Breakin' Dishes." She said, "I definitely rocked out to that because I felt the moment and I felt the same exact way she did. I really wanted to break dishes, and it was just amazing."

Her admirers not only raved about Rihanna's fine performance, but also praised her opening act, Ke$ha, who brought her raucous attitude to the stage. "It was amazing. Rihanna put on such a good show and Ke$ha did too, actually," Chelsea said. "Great show!" she continued before raving about the fashion. "Rihanna's outfits were extraordinary. There was this white number that was all tape; it was like she was wearing nothing and it was, like, amazing."

What were your favorite moments during Ke$ha's and Rihanna's sets? We want to hear from you in the comments!