Semi Precious Weapons Tweet-N-Greet With Fans Before Lady Gaga Tour

One lucky fan, who traveled all the way from Australia, got two free tickets for their SPW devotion.

LOS ANGELES — Semi Precious Weapons are known for their unabashed stage presence, flamboyant wardrobe and, maybe most of all, undying love for their fans. So when Lady Gaga's opening act hit Los Angeles for the Monster Ball Tour, the band invited MTV News along to witness firsthand a pre-show tweet-n-greet, with a very precious prize at the end.

SPW frontman Justin Tranter explained how it all goes down: "Every single day, we announce where we're going to have our Semi Precious Street Corner. So we show up somewhere every day to give away two tickets, free tickets, to the Monster Ball."

By the time the band tweeted their location from backstage and walked across the street from the Staples Center, 30 die-hard fans were already lined up. What followed was an energetic, impromptu trivia game to award tickets to the Weapons' biggest fan.

Once they arrived, Tranter took command of the crowd to narrow down three finalists.

"What is the fourth song on our album?" Tranter asked.

" 'Statues of Ourselves,' " finalist #1 answered.

Tranter continued: "Finish the sentence: 'Rock and roll never looked so ... ' "

"Beautiful!" screamed finalist #2.

"Last question: What is his name?" Tranter asked, while pointing at the band's bassist.

"Cole!" finalist #3 shouted.

With the lightning round over, Tranter had one more declaration before he picked the lucky fan. "Now, listen, you can't hate me if you don't win tickets, because I love you all, I love you all — but one of you is going to get two tickets," Tranter said. "OK, this last part gets really fancy. Are you ready?"

He then broke into the playground-worthy selection method "eeny, meeny, miny, moe," landing on a tearful super-fan who traveled all the way from Australia.

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