'Glee' Star Lea Michele Wants Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Episode

'If not Justin, I would hope it would be the sequel to the Madonna episode,' Michele says of possible post-Super Bowl show.

Back in January, Lea Michele told us she was hoping for a dance-off between Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester and Justin Timberlake on "Glee." Well, the show might be getting a little closer to securing JT and/or his music.

"I think they are saving Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl episode," Michele told The Hollywood Reporter. "They have to be, because he is so perfect for our show. He has to be on it! When I met Jessica Biel, like a loser, I asked her to tell Justin to come on our show. [Laughs.] She was a little taken aback and said, 'Um, OK. I'll tell him.' "

Michele said that if "Glee" producers don't make a JT episode happen, she's fine with revisiting the hitmaking catalog of his "4 Minutes" collaborator. "If not Justin, I would hope it would be the sequel to the Madonna episode," she said. "She has so many more amazing songs we didn't even touch."

When the New Directions crew might tackle Timberlake's hits is still up in the air, but the cast is buzzing about delving into the hits of his ex, Britney Spears. Michele is slated to revamp Spears' debut smash " ... Baby One More Time," and Heather Morris (whose character happens to be named Brittany) has said she wants to switch up "Toxic." "Circus" and "Stronger" are other jams from the pop princess that might turn up in the episode, but castmember Naya Rivera said homing in on a few Spears songs is a major challenge.

"There are so many great Britney songs to choose from; how do you pick just one?" Rivera wondered.

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