'Eat Pray Love' 's Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem Debate: No Food, Faith Or Sex?

'Why do I have to choose?' Bardem pleads. 'The movie is called 'Eat Pray Love,' the three of them together.'

Life is all about choices, isn't it? In "Eat Pray Love," Julia Roberts decides to abandon her life as an unhappy working mother and embark on a globe-crossing trip to discover the keys to true personal and professional contentment.

And on the "Eat Pray Love" red carpet on Tuesday evening in New York City, we forced Roberts and her castmates to make a series of tough choices — choices that may not have life-altering consequences but which most certainly demand attention ... and generated a whole lot of giggles.

First, we asked the stars which were the true words to live by: "eat, pray, love" or, as the "Jersey Shore" mantra goes, "gym, tan, laundry"?

Then we got to the nitty-gritty: If these celebs had to give up one thing — eating, faith or sex — which would they part with? Not that all of the castmembers were pleased to be forced into making such a life-changing (albeit hypothetical) choice.

"Why? Why? Why do I have to?" Roberts asked with a smile. "I can't. No. No. But I don't have to."

OK, OK. Director Ryan Murphy, conversely, decided he could cut breakfast, lunch and dinner from his daily routine. "I'm going to say I'm going to give up the eating and let love be my food," he declared.

Billy Crudup, meanwhile, seemed to misunderstand our fundamental question. "Did you say laundry?" he said with a groan. "Because I'll give up laundry."

And then we came to Javier Bardem, who made quite the convincing argument for indulging in eating, faith and sex all at once.

"Why do I have to choose?" he said "No, the movie is called 'Eat Pray Love,' the three of them together. Exactly, we all need all three. The movie and the book speaks about that. We need to feed ourselves with the three of them. And the pray thing, I'm not a believer or I'm not a practitioner. I don't practice religion, but we all have faith in something. So, we all need to pray and close our eyes when things go wrong, right?"

Which would you give up if you had to choose? Eating, faith or love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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