Katy Perry Says Her Mom Sends Russell Brand 'Inappropriate' E-Mails

'She flirts with him, and I tell him to stop,' singer tells Glamour UK.

Katy Perry doesn't mind being inappropriate with her fiancé, Russell Brand. But as it turns out, that's a trait that runs in the Perry household. Her mom also likes to get a bit inappropriate with the comedian. For her part, Perry isn't sure how much she likes it.

"They really didn't know about him. They give people the benefit of the doubt and it's up to the person to mess it up," UsWeekly.com reports she told Glamour UK of her parents.

Eventually they did warm up to him, perhaps a bit too much for her liking. "He's very charming with them and he has an ongoing on e-mail love with my mom and she loves it," the "Teenage Dream" singer explained. "She flirts with him, which is totally inappropriate, and I tell him to stop."

Aside from all the banter Brand and Mama Perry share, it seems that the pop star is fully aware that life for her will be very different once she ties the knot. And while it'll take some adjustment, she's looking forward to it. "I won't be able to get drunk all the time, but I don't want to. I won't be able to waste hours on the Internet, but I don't need to," she said. "I have to be precious with my time because I need time with myself and I want time with him. It's just about balance."

A big change for the singer will occur when she and Brand decide to expand their family. But that won't happen for a while. "Babies in a few years, perhaps," she said. "If you see a bump, it's just water retention!"

When it happens, though, Perry notes that she has found the perfect guy to have babies with. "We are excited to get married, of course. And I think, in marriage, when you're picking a partner, one of the things to keep in mind is 'Will he be a good baby daddy?' And he'll be perfect," Perry said in a recent video chat.

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