Bun B Hopes To Shoot Trill O.G. Videos With Drake

'It's always a good thing when me and the young boy get together,' he tells MTV News.

Bun B and Drake are on a hot streak together, from their first collaboration "Uptown" to their most recent tracks "Put It Down" and "It's Been a Pleasure"

The UGK rapper opened for Drake earlier this month as a part of the Toronto star's OVO Fest, and while he was in town, he tried to rope in his collaborator to shoot a video. The plan didn't work out due to Drake's busy schedule, but Bun said he plans to shoot videos for their songs and as many on his album, Trill O.G., as he can.

"Definitely look for some visuals for 'Put It Down' in the future," Bun told MTV News. "As well as 'It's Been a Pleasure.' We're gonna try to put out a visual for as much of Trill O.G. as we can."

A snippet of "Put It Down" leaked onto the Web well ahead of the album's release, but now that Trill O.G.has arrived, the reaction to the Drake-assisted track has been high.

"It's very hard to live up to the hype the people create for things nowadays; luckily, this song did," he said. " 'Cause a lot of time, people build something up, and it's almost impossible to match up to that. In this case, it matched up to it. And the fact that the other song, 'It's Been a Pleasure,' is on it, as well, you get two for two. It's always a good thing when me and the young boy get together. It's special music. That's how I feel, and I think that's how Drizzy feels."

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