Young Jeezy Made 'Jizzle' 'For My Fans'

'Lil Jon was the extra spice to give it a different feel,' he says of TM103 first single.

Young Jeezy is set to release TM103 in September, and while the Atlanta rapper said he plans to step out of his usual box on the LP, for the first official single, "Jizzle," he kept to his comfort zone.

" 'Jizzle' was my formula," Jeezy told MTV News about the Lil Jon-featured track. "It's like the music that I wanna hear when I'm in the club. I did that for my fans, before I even step out of my box, which I will for this album, as far as singles I wanted to do what I do.

What comes to heart to me. And when I hear that [song], that's Jeezy, that's 'Jizzle.' Lil Jon was just the extra spice to give it a little different feel so it wouldn't just be a Jeezy record.

Jeezy is scheduled to deliver at least one mixtape before his album arrives: 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1, with DJ Scream, will drop online on Thursday. The first track from that collection, "Death B4 Dishonor," arrived earlier this week and led to speculation the rapper was attacking labelmate Rick Ross in rhyme.

On the song, Jeezy appears to be taking offense at Ross' single "(B.M.F.) Blowin' Money Fast," on which the Miami rapper shouts out a notorious criminal organization that Jeezy has had some association with. While the lyrics appear to be directed at Ross, Jeezy spoke to MTV News on Tuesday and refuted the rumblings.

"It's not a dis," Jizzle told us. "First of all, I'm not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That's one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people can read into things too deep. They trippin', man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he's insecure."

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